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Twee Zangers

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Sophie Studer
David Glenn Studer

David Glenn Studer's dream is to be a storytellin' Grandpa, rocking on the porch with his guitar and a passel o' kids gathered 'round his feet. Having finally found Ms. Right, David has a newfound joy in playing music with Twee Zangers and as a duo with Sophie.

Born Dec. 9 in Granbury, Texas, David has lived either there or in Ft. Worth most of his life. He cared for his ailing father until his passing, and helps his mom and sisters who still live in Granbury. With a folksinging and storytelling career, doing the day job thing, and being the sort of Southern gentleman who goes above and beyond the call of duty to family and friends, David's days are full and rewarding.

David and Sophie were married in 2008, and are Twee Zangering happily ever after!



Chris Davis
Chris Lee Davis knew she was a musician from the age of 13, upon first hearing the Beatles, the 'Stones, and then Pink Floyd. Always a writer, she now writes songs and music.
Her three grown children are now beginning to understand their mom's pusuit of such a dream, as they now pursue their own dreams.
Chris is Grandma to the Grandprincess Madison, who says she likes the Twee Zanger's song "Do You Have A Puppy?" bestest of all, except her tastes run to One Direction these days..... and to Evan and his twin siblings Alex and Emma.
Chris was born in a galaxy far, far, really - she was born in Oregon, but has lived here since 1974, and now proudly claims to be a real Texan! She steadfastly denies any responsibility for the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

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