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Twee Zangers

Twee Zangers ~
Acoustic Music & Kid's Shows

Twee Zangers Plus TD Baker Makes Us.....
A Company of Wayward Saints - Cowtown Marathon 2006

Some Places We've Played:
Alvarado Public Library
Cleburne Public Library
FW Library, Main Branch
FW Library, Riverside Branch
FW Library, Ridglea Branch
Cleburne Public Library - 1st & 2nd Annual Fall Festival & Fundraisers.
Sanger Public Library
Mayfest , '06, '07 '08 (and almost 2009) on the Tom Thumb Children's Stage
Dallas Public Library, Kahn Children's Theater

Twee Zangers is Dutch for "two singers". There's no mystical reason for our choice of that name, it just sounded neat! Simple, straightforward, and.....silly! And even though now we are three singers, we'll keep the name 'cuz it's fun to say!
We are David Glenn Studer, Sophie Studer, and Chris Davis. We play venues in the Ft. Worth/Arlington area of Texas, mostly coffeehouses and festivals. Twee Zangers' specialty is presenting children's shows in North Texas public and school libraries for their Story Time, Summer Reading Program, and other special events.
Chris is on the Advisory Board for the Alvarado Public Library.
David and Sophie Studer play coffeehouses and other events around the area, a blend of his, hers, theirs, and other artists' songs.

David & Sophie Studer

The Library Shows -- David and Sophie play acoustic guitar and are the vocalists and storytellers. Chris plays percussion instruments, puppets, and is the illustrator in Twee Zanger's special "See The Story" shows, in which she draws characters and scenes from the songs as David sings them. The pictures are then given to the kids. All three Zangers act pretty silly, and get many laughs!
Many participation songs make up the library shows, which are tailored to fit with the themes chosen by the North Texas Regional Library System each year.
We do lots of "schtick", silly antics and theatrical goofiness that keep the interest of children while we sneak in some lessons on everything from history to humanity.
Our opinion is that reading is the key to the mind, and young minds will eagerly absorb things that are fun. We point them to their library as a treasure chest of excitement, and impress upon them the idea that reading is an adventure that can be shared with parents, can be a bunch of good tools for building a good brain, and can be just plain enjoyable!
The Entertainment Venues -- David and Sophie on acoustic guitar and vocals, and sometimes Chris on electric bass and harmony vocals. We concentrate on original material, plus putting a Twee Zangers twist on the songs of other fine songwriters. Our schedule can be found on the Calendar page, and are usually coffeehouses.

One of the Twee Zangers
David Glenn Studer

TD Baker
An Occasional Zanger

Sophie Studer
Another Zanger
Chris Davis

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"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."  ~ Albert Schweitzer

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Neil Diamond - "Home Before Dark"

Twee Zangers can be contacted thusly:

E-mail: ,,, or

David & Sophie at home: phone: 817-219-2863 (Bedford)    Chris at home: 817-919-3802 (Alvarado)

Business Mailing address: P.O. Box 596, Alvarado, TX 76009

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