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T.D. Baker

Acoustic Southwestern Music

Mailing Address: PO Box 596, Alvarado, TX 76009     Phone: 817.790.7207
or cell: 817-919-6996

What's in a name? Read the explanation behind the Company of Wayward Saints name, see what it has to do with a man we only thought was dead. It's on the BIOs page.

A Company Of Wayward a band of singer/songwriters who play music that is called many things, from Americana to folk to eclectic. It is acoustic guitars, with electric bass guitar and hand percussion accompanying vocals of unique quality. TD called it Acoustic Southwestern Music, since labelling seems to be something unavoidable.
It's not country, not folk, not NashVegas or especially not TexVegas. It is still it's own thing, while the "New Country" becomes that which it once denigrated, A Company Of Wayward Saints continues to enjoy residence in no single pigeonhole.

TD Baker on 12-string and 6-string guitars and vocals, Chris Davis on electric bass guitar, and David & Sophie Studer on guitar and vocals are the core of the Wayward Saints, with Carole DelloRusso adding her guitar and vocals when she can.  Other pickers come and go, depending on who is in town at the time.  Midsummer 2004,TD took some time off to deal with some physical ailments & regenerate.  During that time Chris & David formed Twee Zangers & started performing daytime kids' shows at public libraries.  When TD decided to return to performing Twee Zangers was doing too well to give up & some coffee house gigs were taking shape too.   Since then, TD Baker has taken to perfoming solo occasionally, while Chris and David were pursuing their interests in Twee Zangers.  Twee Zangers' daytime kids' show are still doing well but the night time gigs slowed enough for Chris & David to re-join TD in A Company of Wayward Saints.  Meanwhile, always looking for new wayward saints to expand the group, TD  is always taking resumes.  Musicians interested in becoming a part of this are invited to call, e-mail or apply in person.
TD Baker offers acoustic music with the character of West Texas winds and the big sky, whispers of the Hill Country, and colors of the desert or the Piney Woods that open doors in your mind. Whether it's the beautiful ballads, the humorous songs, or the cowboy tunes that get your toes tappin' and brings out the dancer in you....the music reaches places in your heart that have been needing that breath of fresh Texas air.
A Company Of Wayward Saints is available to perform at any venue, party, festival, or gathering where acoustic music enhances the event, or is itself the event. TD has his own PA system, and enough material to fill an evening with four sets of music.
Twee Zangers website is:
David &Sophie Studer are available to do duo shows, using much of their own material, and can be reached through this website, Twee Zangers website, or
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TD Baker  

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TD Baker
Indian Name - "Creaks When Walking"

David and Sophie Studer
Sometimes Saints

Chris Davis

Carole Dello Russo

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