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T.D. Baker

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Patience, grasshopper...."Explaining The Name" is at the bottom.


"Compromise does not satisfy, but dissatisfies everybody; it does not lead to any general fulfillment, but to general frustration; those who try to become everything to all people end up by not being anything to anyone. "  -- Ayn Rand

A Company of Wayward Saints
Those Were The Days

Age: Old
Birthplace: Cleburne
Sign: Cancer - July 7
Favorite Food: Cajun
Favorite Movie: African Queen
Best Car Ever Owned: '82 crown Vic w/ dual glasspacks & sidepipes.
Motto:  Those that can, do & those that can't...Karaoke.

Born: Cleburne, grew up in Alvarado. Has lived in Ft.Worth and in New England. Played drums, guitar, and handled lead and harmony vocals in all kinds of bands.
He is Grandpa to Kassidy, Isaac, Logan, and Abbey.

TD Baker

TD Baker - Supreme Grand Curmudgeon
12- and 6-string guitars
Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Sophie Studer

A singer, songwriter and guitarist with a down-to-earth style and dynamic voice!  Repertoire features a selection of folk, country, classic rock and top 40 favorites!  Covered artists include - Melissa Etheridge, The Eagles, John Denver, John Fogerty, Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, Kathy Mattea, and more!

David Glenn Studer

David Glenn Studer's dream is to be a storytellin' Grandpa, rocking on the porch with his guitar and a passel o' kids gathered 'round his feet. Having finally found Ms. Right, David has found a new joy in his music with A Company of Wayward Saints, and the library shows with Twee Zangers, plus solo shows of his own with Sophie.

Born Dec. 9 in Granbury, Texas, David has lived either there or in Ft. Worth most of his life. He spends much time helping his mom and sisters, who still live in Granbury. With a folksinging and storytelling career, doing the day job thing, and being the sort of Southern gentleman who goes above and beyond the call of duty to family and friends, David's days are full and rewarding.

Chris Davis

Chris was born in a galaxy far, far, really - she was born in Oregon on July 20th of last century , but has lived here since 1974, and now proudly claims to be a real Texan! She steadfastly denies any responsibility for the eruption of Mount St. Helens.
She is Grandma to the Grandprincess Madison, 13, and to Evan, who is 7 and  twins Alex and Emma, who are 3.
TD Baker is her Significant Other.


Carole Dello Russo

More details coming soon. Carole is a native of Noo Yawk. We'll forgive her for that....cuz she plays a mean guitar and sings pretty good, too!


"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad" -- Aldous Huxley
On Venues ---- We think there are enough places to go hear country, TexVegas, blues, rock, punk, and assault-volume bands. If you wish there were true alternatives to the same musical fodder offered in the Big Towns every weekend, let your wishes be known. Patronize the few venues that host live local acoustic musicians. Tell 'em you like it!.
Coffeehouses don't pay much if anything. They don't have the budget that alcohol-sales could provide. We do wish the local print media would give acoustic bands and the venues that host them even half the coverage that the Usual Bands playing the Usual Places get. Perhaps then, you'd know where to go to hear something different, and those few brave venues might make a little more profit....and what goes around, comes around!
So why do we bother? We believe we have good music to offer you. If we wanted to be human jukeboxes, we'd be in the Same Ten Venues along with the Same Ten Cowboys, playing the Same Set List. More money, but much less fun, less reward, less joy. That is not our dream.
So, the next time you're in a place with live acoustic music, remember that probably all they get is what shows up in the tip jar. Like your wait staff at a restaurant, the tip jar is what they live on.

From Paul Stookey;

Now, in his fourth decade as the "Paul" of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and on the road with Peter and Mary for about 40 concerts a year, Stookey's commitment to folk music remains strong. "... It is, after all, 'people music'," he says, noting that it hasn't needed pop radio or music videos to endure, "duplicable on a stage or around a campfire or driving in a car. Folk singers have always been allowed, even encouraged", he suggests, "to talk about things other than teenage dating behavior."

Remember, this page is in a state of flux. That's right next to the state of Iowa, which stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around.....


Explaining The Name.....

While in high school, TD was on the backstage crew for a Drama class production of a play called "A Company of Wayward Saints" by George Herman. He thought it was a very cool play, and would be a great name for a band.

When David Studer joined the duo of TD Baker in the spring of 2002, several new names were tried on, but A Company of Wayward Saints still held TD's interest.

But...what about copyright? We didn't want to get in trouble! And what about the author of the play? We didn't want to just rudely steal his play's name! So, for a while we tried A BAND of Wayward Saints.....but it just didn't flow quite right.

Obvious solution? Ask the playwright. (Duh!) While searching, several site descriptions made it sound like George had gone on to that big stage in the sky. So we contacted his "surviving" family via e-mail, and received a quick reply from George himself! Wow! We've broken through to The Other Side! thinked we, question marks appearing above our heads....

George proved to be very much alive, very amused, and a most interesting fellow. He is accessible, humorous, and likeable, and gave us his blessing to use the name. He told us titles are not copyrightable, but thanked us for the courtesy of asking his permission, and asked us to send him a copy of our first CD.

We sure will, George. It will be an honor. Discovering George, we have  gained a new world of knowledge and wonder because we are now intensely interested in reading more of his plays and books ..and most importantly, we have gained a good friend. And, we have found our proper name, dusted with a full rainbow of magic and the power of a dream followed to fulfillment.

Thank you, George Herman.

George Herman
George Herman
Our Name Is His Fault

David Thomason - Aug. 18, 1955--May 23, 2002
David Thomason

The light of our little brother-in-harmony guides us through each day. He is with us in every note we play, every word we write. Wish you were here, DT.

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